LLama Products


Mt. Hood Llasora yarn

Aumgue blend of llama and pygora with just enough merino added for enhanced memory. Each years product is uniquely blended so colors will vary from year to year.

Genuine Llama Wool Socks

... with all the benefits of completely natural fibers and superb insulation. These socks are custom made and contain 85% llama fiber blended with 15% Nylon and Spandex for comfort and wear. Order the heavy weight Terry Sport socks or the lighter weight Ribby for $25.00/pr (includes shipping and handling).

Below, Sock #1 is the Ribby Sock and Sock #2 is the Terry Sport Sock

Terry Sport SockRibby Sock

Genuine Pendleton Blanket Throws

These throws were made especially for the NW Llama Wool Co-op by the Pendleton Mills, the internationally acclaimed manufacturer of exquisite wool products. The throws are 85% llama with only a very limited number manufactured each year. They can be ordered from this site, but supply is limited. Price $125.00.

Super Silky Llama Roving

100% exquisite Super Silky llama roving, ready to spin.   $3.00/oz
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